Monday, August 17, 2009

when its come to design

yes..this post is about my project, my assignmnet, my design and my lalala hell.
i want to share a little bit about my 2nd project for this semester, compact living.
we are required to design a compact living, with 45 m square for ourselves, ad as for myself, i tortured myself by choosing POP ART as my idea and concept.

POP ART is all about contradiction and being radical.
i guess there's nothing i should cry out loud about, because this is really reflect myself, in and out.

I'm not going to presenting my idea here, i just want to share some of my thought about design, something that i learn from my project, because i learn so goddamn lots.

i realized, we still cant called ourselves as an architecture student, because since semester 1,
there's doesnt really much we learn about design.

semester 1,
we can see who can sketch well, do fine art well.
semester 2,
we can see who's willing to learn drafting, who's your colleague and who's the blood sucker.
semester 3,
we can see who have the guts to present their idea, and who really have the idea right.
semester 4,
at the moment we starting to design and think as a real architect, and we all fail so bad.

so goddamn bad.until i felt like i deserved an egg throw right on my face.

me myself wasn't really a good student by the way, i daydream in class(most of the times), i curse lecturer like hell(sometimes), always come late for class (esp morning class), always and forever being chase by the security guard for wearing my fav tattered jeans.

yet i still trying like hell(maybe you, you and you can't see it) to achieve anything i aim while i'm still in here.
sometimes i feel like i just don't have the thing to be an architect.
my drawing sucks, my drafting poopy, my idea crazy....
i can't imagine myself doing anything besides architecture, maybe i'll live a miserable life.

i'm still doing this, yes, i'm still doing this.
eventhough its make me cry my blood and puke my tongue,
i'm still doing this.

Saturday, August 1, 2009