Tuesday, July 26, 2011

why i unfriend you in facebook

the term unfriend is so wrong in many ways,
literally or intentionaly,
then i prefer the term remove friend from list.
intentionally, i usually remove others from my list for good reason.
that also works on why i blocked others or not approving their friend request.

1.i don't know you
yes, the number in my friend list is the actual number of my real mate that i met in the real world where i actually speak and hang out with.i don't make friend via the net thus i won't approve friend request from stranger or i if did, i might be just clicked the unfriend button.opps.

2.annoying request
either game request or request to like their fan page, its all annoying.i already quit playing facebook games ok. its okay to promote, just please don't persuade to much, i don't click like unless i really meant to.

3.mean statement
harsh statement and dirty words towards me, and yet it linked back to my profile. my family and other friend also connected with me through facebook fyi, so i rather click the unfriend button to keep you and your dirty finger-typin away! or mrs i-dont-speak-to-you-in-real-life-yet-i-sound-so-friendly-in-facebook.
you sound so loud in facebook by cool friendly status and seems to care about everybody, you dear little sunshine, where the matter of fact, you just give me that heart cold look every time you met me.not even a hi, a nod or a cool or cold hard shining plastic?

5.i just plainly hate you
yupp..really?need more elaboration?naaaa..

now you know why i unfriend/blocked/or won't approve your friend request.bye.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

wow!sangat hebat!

cepat dan pantas.
bertindak sepantas kilat.
sbb mmg tau org muda berdarah panas akan ghairah dengan aktiviti yg mengundang ke arah revolusi.
tapi, tak payah la nak mencece sangat.
nampak sangat takut.

apa apa pun, tetap bangga bersekolah di uitm.
yuran terendah, fasiliti berbaloi, fakulti profesional, pak guard paling bangsat, and tak lupa kuli2 di ofis yg malas nak layan student tapi lebih rela main fesbuk satu hari.mana nak dpt kemewahan macam ni di tempat lain?
jadi, bersyukurlah dengan apa yang ada.

borak psl bersih?taknak.dah muak dengar,dulu seronok nak ambil tahu, sekarang dah bosan.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

bored to death?here something to do!

four month of hols could suffocated you to boredom,
leaving behind all the pen and book could make you rusty,
so, here something awesome to kill all the time you have.

i'm planning to enter the competition myself.
well, i'll try, as long as the works didn't tear me to pieces.T-T

here's the link for more info.