Thursday, December 29, 2011

the last run

the amount of submission about to done before exam kick off :
- research paper (fuck, i havent done my case studies, only one not enough!)
-structure assignment (where's my notes? this times wikipedia is never the answer. T^T)
-skethcing commission ( have to be done in this week or got no payment at all, da fuq?)
-construction tech personal assignment (i'm not done with my design, how i supposed to get this assignment done?)
-practical reports (SAYYY WUUUTTTTT????)

not only i got so procrastinated in a very wrong moment, (HAHA)
also so worried sick about my design.

and oh, my furniture design's lecturer, dearie mr sabri made it way more worse for make us redo our scale 1:1 furniture, due in next 2 weeks.GODDAMMIT! i just not willing to spend extra hours on only 2 hrs credit subject, which i got 6 hrs credit subject is way more important.

speak of the devil,
my recent design submission is quite disappointing.
not quite, its more like major disappointing.
the momentum was killed, at the earliest stage.


well, moral issue i can learn from my design is, never reject a person before u know them, judge them by their looks.who knows whatever u done could tear them in pieces.
who the hell are you to be such judgemental?

i am strong, at least i was.