Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lady daydream by Twin Sisters.

If you forget it all, I will bring it with me
If you can't find the sea, I will take you there

Green, you still know me by name

Even though I'm losing
Doesn't make me a loser yet
You still know me by name, Green
I'll still be Lady Daydream

She took it all from me
Now I can't find my place
Do you 'member me
Do you know my face?

It could all be a dream, Green

dear you.

not everyone can have breakfast just like had just now,
not everyone can afford a car like you drive today,
not everyone can see what u saw today,
not everyone have caring parents at their home,
not everyone can spend their night with their loves one,

not everyone is born with silver spoon in their mouth.

for all of things, at least you still breathing today, walking with that normal two legs,
and working with that normal two hand.

be thankful for who you are today.
say Alhamdulillah.

for the strength and the will.