Saturday, February 26, 2011

when i'm getting married, i want one of these in my hantaran!

yes, i'm being serious..actually i'm being in love in these shoes since last year but never has a chance to tell people in my blog. well, lets see the awesome heels which actually could kill!

the design is conceptual, extraordinary, and awesome.awesome, i think theres another right word, but its ok,its still super awesome.
the label is a collaboration of mr koolhaas (yes sir, the dutch architect rem d koolhaas, he have minimized his architecture value to a women feet, which turnout to be awesome, i said it again didnt i?) and galahand clark.

i'm a person who care more than less about the branding,
mr koolhaas name didnt make me said this products cool,
its the product itself.

just check out their website at

Thursday, February 10, 2011

orthodox pussy

don't worry so called ahli syurga who went to so called sekolah tahfiz
raised by so called solemnly parents
decedent by god always accused me to be a kafir,
the main reason why i purely hate guys with orthodox pussy
with easily stalked feelings, always thought their are so right.
who publicly announce wants to punch me for his own guilty pleasure (yeah, pussy)

if i'm going to hell, i'm dragging you along.

i'll pay you, back in cash. very soon. this is war.