Tuesday, August 31, 2010

the urban legend:times square mall bintulu

yes ladies and gentleman, they building a times square at bintulu.

applause to yourselves.
i wonder how the bintulu's will react with the development of another commercial building with famous brand line franchise.
because i dare say, city point is a massive dissapointment (lack of maintenance and the failure of the management to attract more people to come by) and parkcity mall almost there,(limited units of store but great in management and stuff.) merely succeed.
actually i've heard about the proposal about this project when i'm 17,(maybe not this one)
when i got so excited whenever i saw the construction started anywhere around bintulu,
but it just not another mall.damn.

oh yes.bintulu is currently under massive development since i'm 17, and u can see construction on going almost..everywhere..
back to times square,

located at jalan tun hussein onn, ( wow, thats is the another part of bintulu ),
designed by architects 61 (singaporian architects initially acknowledge by changi airports and ruffles city-and where on earth are our local architects?)
the development concludes residential and commercial buildings, in 65 acre lot.
with more than 100 lots, bowling alley, cinema, arcade, gym, and else typical mall features.
and there some rumors by some excited friends (haha) saying that there will be some famous, rare and exclusive brand line participating the project.

just wait and see.
more info

Friday, August 27, 2010


i spend my friday, my every friday by playing games, non stop, a very dangerous addiction.
so on the next day i will be in a very good mood to start my day and do my work.

eventhough at the end, i'll still end up playing games again.

darn irresistible lappy.. T.T